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The inherited challenging spirit
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Representative Director & President Takashi Iwamoto

Japan Steel Works M&E, Inc. (JSW M&E), a spin-off company from The Japan Steel Works, Ltd. (JSW), was established on April 1, 2020. Steel and Energy Products Business and Wind Power Equipment Maintenance Service Business as well as four group companies of JSW were integrated into the newly established subsidiary. The predecessor of this new company, JSW Muroran Plant, had been involved in the development and production of large casting products, forging products and clad products for more than 100 years. These products contributed several key industries such as thermal power, nuclear power, oil and gas, and industrial machinery. During that time, we have approached to changing market needs and wants. The spirit of endeavor that had been cultivated fora long time is succeeded by the new organization of JSW M&E and its employees. The social environment has been changing significantly. The needs for metal-based materials are becoming more sophisticated and diverse in various fields such as the environment field, energy field, transportation field, and communication field. We will respond to these needs by supplying various materials, including non-ferrous metals and composite materials, to the market. The“ M” in our name stands for“ materials” and we will pursue the excellent properties of steel materials. Furthermore, we have integrated a wide variety of services that our group companies have been working on. We have established an organization that is able to provide our customers with comprehensive services from design, production, installation, inspection, repair, and maintenance of our products. We will provide comprehensive engineering solutions by utilizing our engineering technologies to various industrial plants and social infrastructure fields. The“E” in our name stands for“ engineering.” JSW M&E will contribute to the markets by the materials and engineering while further strengthening our technologies and manufacturing. We commit to our hard work and its results to meet your expectations. We would appreciate your continued support and encouragement.


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